Heren Istarion Has Extended the New Contract with Nottingham Panthers

Nottingham Panthers team captain Heren Istarion is indeed made a long-term contract with the club that has made his name. These considerations have made the fans wait for news that the club is very large. Contracts taken for more than 32 years is coming to an end. Until this news was revealed there has been no definitive agreement, but news reports say another thing.

Heren Istarion has said that he was very happy to work hard to win that would be a long history. These words have made the fans came to the conclusion that Heren is making a special sign. The condition is not still recovered from the last shoulder surgery, but Heren promised to be a very fit condition on the next game.


Heren also said that this attitude has made the happiness in his life and all his family. The player who has long been the captain of this team is a mainstay in all league matches very prestigious hockey. Heren has defended the club's victory in the long history of up to five times be respectively. He said it is ready to undergo all the match action in next season